Top Cardiac Hospitals in India make Advanced Cardiac Procedure an availability for the Zambians


The need for Cardiac cure is rapidly rising with every passing year. This is because of the continuous rise in the number Cardiac patients all around the world. These diseases have gone to become the leading reason behind the worldwide mortality rate. These diseases need very specialized treatment and procedures. But the apt cure for these diseases is not sufficiently available in the developing countries like Zambia. That is why, these Zambians prefer to avail the treatments at the top Cardiac hospitals in India.

Top Cardiac Hospitals in India

Cardiology is one of the most developed specialties offered by India, which has proved to be beneficial for innumerable patients across the globe; especially the patients from Zambia. Cardiac procedures are very delicate in nature and need the finest level of expertise to tackles these procedures. The top Cardiac hospitals in India are some of the best in the world and this is why the number of Zambian patients visiting India is continually rising.

Top Cardiac Hospitals in India make Advanced Cardiac Procedure an availability for the Zambians

The top Cardiac hospitals in India are totally armed with the latest techniques for curing Cardiac ailments. Some of most modern techniques are Robotic Heart surgery, minimally invasive Cardiac surgeries and others. Some of the globally recognized Heart hospitals in India are Apollo Hospital, Max Hospital, Fortis Hospital Bangalore, Global Hospital Mumbai, and Artemis Hospital.

Best Cardiologists in India

The top Cardiac hospitals in India are home to the some of the most talented, proficient and best Cardiologists in India, who have made a mark in the international front as well. These Cardiac specialists have the perfect skill set to cure the most difficult heart condition with utmost ease. These Cardiac professionals are ensuring the best of heart health for these Zambian citizens visiting India.

These hospitals are all the more appealing for the Zambian patients because of the reasonably priced Cardiac treatment packages.

Special surgery cost benefits to Zambia Patients

The poor economic condition of Zambia doesn’t allow its population to access good quality healthcare amenities; particularly Cardiac treatment services. There is a major section of Zambian population, which is affected due to Cardiac diseases but owing to the acute shortages in Zambia, the population is in desperate need of appropriate Cardiac treatment and most importantly at affordable prices.

The top Cardiac hospitals in India are doing some excellent work in this matter by offering special surgery cost benefits to Zambia patients, particularly for Cardiac treatment. For example, the Heart Valve Replacement procedure is priced at $1,70,000 in USA while in India it is priced at $9,500. Despite of such huge cost differences, there is no compromise in the quality of treatment offered. The best Cardiologists in India are catering to the Zambian patients wholeheartedly.

Why choose Cardiac Surgery in India?

India offers very commendable and excellent range of Cardiac treatments and procedures. The top Cardiac hospitals in India are highly reputed across the globe for providing remarkable Cardiac treatment to worldwide patients. These hospitals have all the technology and technical gears to look after any kind of Cardiac ailment. The success rates of these hospitals are at par with international standards. The Zambian patients are catered to with the perfect blend of expertise and experience. Further, the best Cardiologists in India are extremely meticulous while dealing with the most intricate heart conditions. Also, the Zambian patients do not face any language issues because most of the staff is very fluent in English. Even if there are any obstacles due to language differences, expert translators are there to deal with it. Not only this, the top Cardiac hospitals have priced the heart procedures very sensibly.


The Zambia patients have a major source of hope and relief at the top Cardiac hospitals in India. Also the best Cardiologists in India are giving full-fledged attention to these Zambian patients. All this support keeps the hopes of these Zambians alive of getting relief from their heart ailments. Thus, medical tourism from Zambia to India is witnessing a positive surge over the years.


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Medical Treatment for Zambia Nationals in India


Medical Research and statistics show that Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) the leading reason behind mortality, globally. As per healthcare experts, CVD symptoms vary from person to person, in fact the symptoms are different for men and women. Depending on a various factors and symptoms, there are several diagnostic tests that are done to diagnose Heart disease. Some of these tests are: Electrocardiogram (ECG), Holter Monitoring, Echocardiogram, Stress Test, Cardiac Catheterization, Cardiac Computerized Tomography (CT) Scan, and Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

Not just the developed countries, CVDs particularly weigh down the developing countries like Zambia. But the major healthcare deficits in Zambia have made medical tour to India from Zambia a very worthwhile decision for Zambians.

Surgery Procedures

Annually there are thousands of Cardiac procedures performed at Indian Cardiac hospitals. Some of the most progressive Heart surgeries done in India are:

  • Angioplasty – In this procedure, special tubing attached to an deflated balloon is used to widen the blocked areas
  • Bypass surgery – One of the most common and effectual procedures where arteries or veins called as ‘grafts’ are taken from other parts of the patient’s body, using them to reroute the blood supply to the Heart muscle
  • Cardiomyoplasty – Skeletal muscles from the patient’s back or abdomen are taken and then the ailing Heart is wrapped by these muscles. These muscles along with a Pacemaker-like device aid the Heart’s functioning
  • Heart Transplant – With the help of Organ Donation, the diseased Heart is replaced with a healthy and perfectly functioning human Heart
  • Minimally Invasive Heart surgery – Also known as Minimally Invasive Coronary Artery Bypass Graft, in this procedure, Chest arteries or veins from the patient’s leg are joined to the Heart to bypass the clogged arteries
  • Stent Placement – It is a wire mesh tube that is used to prop open an artery for Angioplasty.
  • Transmyocardial Revascuarization (TMR) – This surgery requires an incision to expose the Heart. After this, a laser is used to make some holes into the Heart’s pumping chamber.

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Attractive Packages for Zambia Patients


Cardiac treatments and procedures are one of the costliest treatments. In particular, for patients from developing countries like Zambia, the factor of cost effectiveness matters to a large extent. Firstly, Zambia doesn’t have too many Cardiac specialists, and the available few charge a lot. So it‘s very hard on the pockets of the Zambians to afford. Therefore, when they look for options outside their country, India appears to be the best and most viable option. India Cardiac hospitals offer the even the most complex kinds of heart surgeries at the best possible prices; especially Open Heart Surgery cost in India is very reasonable. Heart Bypass in USA costs a whopping $1,23,000 but in India it is $7,900, also Heart Valve Replacement in USA is for 1,70,000 but India offers this procedure for $9,500. This huge difference is the obvious reason behind the soar in medical tour to India from Zambia.

Services provided by India Cardiac Surgery Site

  • We enlighten the Zambia patients so that they are aware while choosing the right Cardiac surgery hospital and treatment option
  • We ensure easy availability of the treatments and that too at the best possible prices
  • We help them in opting the best treatments packages, especially when it comes to Open Heart surgery cost in India
  • Our services related to medical tour to India from Zambia, take care of all their medical requirements and ensure that the treatments process meets their expectations
  • We assure the best possible care by the best Cardiac surgeons of India
  • Our emphasis on ethics and transparency makes the Zambia patients feel more secure and us, trustworthy
  • Our staff assists the Zambia Nationals so that they get medical visa from Zambia to India easily
  • We leave no stone unturned in looking after the Zambians throughout their visit till their complete recovery
  • Our follow up services are there to cater to the Zambians, after they are back in their country


It is important for the healthcare sector of India that medical tour to India from Zambia is successful and most comfortable for the Zambians. Thus, India is catering wholeheartedly to the patients from Zambia so that the bond between these two countries keeps getting stronger.

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